Sean Connery Story

Walking into a casino and sitting at a slot machine or poker table is exciting. Typically, many gamblers have their adrenaline rushing games of chance, and their hopes of walking away with a big win are high. While some players walk away with experience and nothing more, others leave casinos with both experience and millions of dollars thanks to their skills and luck. Read the following stories of some of the players who won huge cash in casinos.

Sean Connery

There came a time when number “17” was the favorite for roulette players. In 1963, Connery won big on this number while playing roulette, and he did it again in the “Diamonds Are Forever” film in 1971. Also known as super spy James Bond, Sean’s story showcases tremendous luck. In true James Bond fashion, he put his cash on “17” at a casino in Alps, Italy. After missing the first two spins, the ball landed on number “17” when he spun the wheel a third time. Instead of collecting his winnings as many players would do, Sean left his winnings there and decided to spin the wheel again. To the surprise of many people, the ball landed on number “17” again, and it became even more insane when Sean refused to collect his winnings for the second time. As if he had seen it coming, Connery spun the wheel one more time before the ball miraculously found number “17” the third time.

Connery won 10,000 pounds which is worth around 163,000 pounds in today’s market. Although many other gamblers have won fortunes on number “17” after Connery, it doesn’t necessarily mean that “17” is your lucky number. If you have your own lucky number, the challenge may be how to figure it out. If you’re convinced that your number is attached to a fortune, then you may go ahead and try your luck just as Connery did. Or as Ashley Revell.

William Nelson Darnborough

Born in 1869, William was a U.S. citizen who became famous courtesy of his immense success in roulette. Unlike many other players in the casino, William’s money did not come in a day. This man was determined, and he accumulated his winnings of half a million dollars for a period of seven years. And yes, in today’s market, this is a staggering amount. Between 1904 and 1911, William, played at a casino in Monte Carlo, and his love for roulette did not disappoint him. Maybe he knew what was ahead of him. Before amassing a fortune, it is said that William played roulette at various illegal casinos in the United Sates. The fact that the operations of such casinos took place inside saloons did not deter William from playing his favorite game.

Those who saw William Darnborough gambling described him as a wheel-watcher with the ability to foresee where the ball will land. On one occasion, he shocked other players and onlookers in the casino when he won five spins in a row on the slot number “5.” William married into nobility after amassing his winnings and relocated to England. Although he died in 1958, he is still a legend in the casino realm.