Game of chance

To many people, gambling is a game of chance. One can’t help wondering about the odds when you step up to the table at the casino to spin the wheel or yank the slot machine. The good thing about gambling is that there is a possibility of winning. If you’re a gambler, you must have thought of winning big at least once, if not twice. And hey, what if the day for that big victory to change your life has come? Truth be told- such victories come unexpectedly, and they may happen only once in a lifetime. Many stories of big wins in casinos begin when the lucky winner hits the reels without a clue of what may happen next. Take a look at the following success stories.

Kerry Packer

When it comes to high-stakes gambling, it is crucial to differentiate two terms: “whale” and “high roller.” In the casino eyes, a high roller has a budget that ranges from $100,000 to about $1 million for typical three weekend days at the casino. A casino considers gamblers as whales when their bankroll mark goes above $1 million. The late Kerry Packer was a whale. Immortalized as the man behind the foundation of World Series Cricket, this Australian media magnate is known in the casino industry as one of the biggest winners at baccarat and blackjack.

Packer became a legend in the casino industry during the 80s and 90s. While some of his success stories may be exaggerated due to their extraordinary nature, some of them must be true. On one night, packer strolled into a casino in London and played £15 million on four different roulette tables simultaneously. Although he lost all the money, he did not quit the industry; hence, he is considered as one of the all-time fearless gamblers. On another night at MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, the story was different as he won $ 20 million playing baccarat and blackjack on multiple tables. Packer died in 2005 as one the richest Australian people, but surely, his blackjack legacy is there to live.

Phil Ivey

Considered as one of the best all-time poker players like Archie Karas, Phil Ivey is a perfect example of a real gambler. He regularly flies across the world on “craps tours” where he visits at least five casinos in different parts of the world. While winning poker requires more skills than luck, Phil Ivey is known for risking huge stacks of money with an aim of determining how lucky he is.

In 2012 while playing at Crockfords casino in London, Ivey managed to win a staggering $11 million in a single baccarat session. Before this win, Ivey had hit the casino floor of Borgata, winning $9.6 million- it seems he had more than luck on his side. However, Crockfords did not pay him the money because of the allegations that he had applied the “edge sorting” technique to predict cards during the game. He sued the casino but lost the case. Whether he cheated or not, his success in the casino industry is obvious, and his ability to beat the casinos cannot be doubted.

Roulette – not only for whales

One might think that a playing roulette is a hobby that you can only enjoy if you are rich. But the truth lays far from it. At almost any casino, whether it be on land or online, there are tables who cater to those who are not comfortable with spending thousands of pounds. Truth be told, many people would say that only a fool would do that. But betting a tenner from time to time is something most of us can enjoy. The last years rise of live casinos online with roulette, proves that anyone can enjoy the thrill of the game. Simply find an online casino that has a live casino and off you go! The live dealers that you meet are sitting in front of a webcam and everything around them looks like a “real” casino. But be sure to choose a licensed and safe casino before betting your cash. Crooks are everywhere whether we like it or not. So read reviews like this codeta casino review and learn how everything works before you start playing.