Don Johnson Story

Gambling is one of the most popular games enjoyed across the globe. Whether it is roulette or blackjack, one thing remains constant: the player loses or wins the game. A combination of hard work, dedication and strategy has seen many gamblers win huge amounts of money and became a typical rags to riches story. Take a look at the following success stories of wins in casinos.

Don Johnson

Not every gambler, like Sean Connery, who willingly bets huge cash in a big casino is asked to stop playing. It happened to Johnson when he was barred from gambling at Trump Taj Mahal casino. However, this was not enough to prevent him from becoming a legend in the world of gambling. Born in 1952 in Salem, Oregon, Don managed to beat three Atlantic City casinos in blackjack game to take home around $15.1 million in a span of one month. What set many tongues wagging in the gambling community was the fact that Don Johnson won the money without card counting despite being an advantage player. Considered as the most valuable weapon applied by advantage players, card counting system did not make the cut into Don’s bag of tricks. Remember, true players know the value of the card counting system, and they apply it when it comes to capitalizing on positive Expected Value and such situations.

Before winning big, Don Johnson was virtually an unknown figure and he wasn’t a professional gambler either. He never played by the book or other complicated systems relied on by other blackjack players. According to the player, two things helped him to succeed-a good plan and skills. Since his big win, Don has lived a lavish life and has been seen partying on several occasions. For a man who once managed a racetrack at age 30, $15.1 million is a lot of money, and he may just be living his dream.

Patricia Demauro of Denville

Every gambler, whether male or female, has a dream: walk into a casino, locate a craps table, and unleash a long dice roll. Patricia’s unrivaled winning streak will never be forgotten. This kind of dice shooting empties chip trays, raises the stakes of the game, and sends gamblers into a sweat. Craps boasts various betting options, meaning the player can either win big or lose big. For Patricia, it seems luck followed her into the Borgata casino in Atlantic City and the fact that Patricia had only played craps only once in her life did not stop her from giving it a shot.

On one Saturday night, Patricia arrived at the Borgata casino craps table. Little did she know that this would be a record-setting night for her in the casino arena. With $100 she bought into the game about 8 p.m. At around 12:31 a.m., Patricia “sevened out” after winning 154 dice throws. However, neither the casino nor Patricia herself revealed the amount of money she won. It is worth noting that her accomplishment odds were 1 in 1.56 trillion. Unbelievably, this happened in a span of less than five hours.