Archie Karas Story

Everybody dreams of getting rich. However, dreaming and taking chances are two different things. While some gamblers are scared of risking all they have, others have the courage to do so. Whether you call it recklessness, luck, or a combination of the two, the fact remains that some casino maniacs risk huge sums of cash to win a fortune. And yes, it happens. In fact, some wins are ridiculously enormous that they change people’s lives for good in just a single day. Here are some of the success stories of wins in casinos.

Archie Karas

Archie Karas, or the “king of the casino,” announced himself to the world when his money grew from $50 to $40 million courtesy of gambling. He worked as a waiter before joining pool hustling in which he amassed up to $1 million. In Los Angeles, Karas played high-stakes card games, winning a lot of money. One thing about him is that he was not afraid of losing. He risked a lot of money in gambling, which saw him become broke on various occasions.

In 1992, Archie Karas began one of the greatest winning streaks in gambling history. After losing $2 million in high-stakes poker in Los Angeles, he had remained with only $50. He walked into Binion’s Horseshoe casino where he borrowed $10,000 from a friend to play high-stakes Razz. In this game, the lowest hand carries the day. Going head-to-head with 15 experienced poker players, including Chip Reese, Puggy Pearson, Stu Unger, Johnny Chan, Karas won several millions in both poker and craps. His wins enabled him to possess the Horseshoe’s $5,000 chips, which is equal to $11 million. When his run came to an end, Karas had pocketed a cool $17 million from poker and craps. He would later repay the money he had borrowed with a 50% interest.

Archie continued on a winning streak until his money grew to $40 million. While playing seven-card stud in Vegas, he converted $7 million to $17 million. Additionally, Archie Karas amassed about $1 million from playing nine-ball pool. His winning streak was so phenomenal that it is still the stuff of legend, and not even his occasional losing streak was enough to stop him from growing his money.

Peter- the Norwegian Man

Have you ever imagined playing online slots at the comfort of your home while sipping on a coffee? It is possible in this age. Peter, a man from Norway, begun playing the Arabian Nights: the progressive online jackpot slot. He first exchanged his local currency for Euros before diving into the game. Funny enough, he did not take note of the exchange rate before he started gambling. After the game, he sought to know the equivalent of 11.7 million Euros in Norwegian currency. His winnings amounted to 38 million Norwegian Krones, meaning that Peter became a millionaire without stepping out of his home.

The online casino at which Peter played is called Betsson. The casino’s slogan is “Anything can happen.” Maybe, this Norwegian man took this slogan to his heart, and he did not regret it. Indeed, anything is possible in the world of gambling.

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